About us

In 1987 AICAP was founded and since then our agency offers different programmes for young people that like to spend some time in another country, studying or working, with the objective to learn or to improve a language. It is our goal to perform our service to the complete satisfaction of our customers and to fulfil all their needs.

AICAP offers you PERSONAL CONSULTATION: It is not easy to find the programme that fits you best. That’s why we want to help you to find out which programme is going to meet your needs most, according to your wishes and preferences, depending on your level of the language of the country that you would like to visit, your work experience etc.


For the period of your stay, a member of the staff of our agency is always available to you on the spot in case any problem occurs. Whenever you need to you can contact him/her. The members of our staff have many years of experience and enjoy our entire trust.

The seriousness of our work, the quality of the offered programmes, the careful selection of our staff members abroad, the personal attention that the participants of all our programmes enjoy during their stay in a foreign country makes our service to the most professional and complete one of the market.

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